Q & A

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Does it hurt?

No, I use a soothing agent and numbing. I pre numb your brows/lips. Then Using my needle and pigment I gently shade the first layer of pigment. After the skin is broken, a soothing gel is then applied to make you feel more comfortable. People usually fall to sleep during procedures.

What about healing will I be scabby?

Let’s call it “light flaking”. It’s an unavoidable part of the treatment especially for brows. The pigment oxidises on the surface and flakes off between day 5-10. My aftercare will insure you have minimal flaking. Lips if left to dry out will also go flaky, by day 3-4 they will look normal. Again after care is essential here for minimal dryness.

How long does it take

Brows can take from 1.5 hrs to 2.5, lips can take from 2 hours to 3. All clients time will vary as all skin is different to work on. Some take more time than others.

How often do I need touch ups?

For brows between 8-18 months depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Longevity of your PMU can vary depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Can I work out, swim or use sauna after?

No, not for 14 days, you must follow your aftercare strictly which is given to you after your treatment before you leave the clinic.

Can I have permanent makeup whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. You must also wait until you have finished breastfeeding before having PMU.

I’ve had microblading and want ombre can it be done on top?

If they have faded enough yes but just pop in for a consultation first.

Do I need a skin/patch test?

You can have a patch test, however this does not determine if you will have a reaction. Reactions to pigment are extremely rare but can happen years down the line.

I am on medication, can I have pmu?

There are some medications and conditions which contraindicate PMU. Just give us a call or leave us a message to ask.

Is it a tattoo? Is it Permanent?

Yes, all PMU is a tattoo however it does fade unlike traditional tattoos due to how and where the pigment is implanted into the skin. All PMU is permanent, even when the pigment has faded and barely unnoticeable you will still have residue left behind.

I have had PMU and it has gone wrong/I don’t like it, can I have it removed?

You can have laser or saline removal on PMU to improve the appearance, total removal is never guaranteed.

Will I be red and swollen after?

Brows do not swell or go red, they will just appear darker than the final result for the next 5-10 days whilst there is dry oxidised pigment sitting on the surface. Lips swell every so slightly, but this subsides within 24-48 hours.

I have had botox and fillers, can I still have PMU?

Yes after 2 weeks for botox and 4 weeks for fillers.

I don’t have any brows, can I have this done?

YES! Absolutely. Book in for a consultation and we can have a chat.

I get cold sores can, I have my lips blushed?

Yes you just need to take a prescriptive antiviral medication 5 days before and 5 days after to prevent a break out.

I haven’t had a cold sore for years, do I still need the antiviral medication?

Yes, PMU can bring out the dormant virus.

What is the after care?

Please see Aftercare Doc linked at the top of the page