T&C and COVID-19 Liability Waiver


  • Whilst we appreciate that these are unprecedented times please understand that any delay to your treatment is out of our control. We will continue to follow Government guidelines.

  • Only one client will be allowed in at a time.

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival.

  • If anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of covid or has tested positive, please contact me at your earliest opportunity to reschedule your appointment.



  • Rescheduling an appointment requires at least 72 hours notice, less than 72 hours notice OR cancelling an appointment will result in the loss of your non-refundable booking fee Brow and lip touch-ups must be done within 6-8 weeks of initial treatment. Touch-ups after this time will be £130 (8 - 12 weeks).

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, if you are more than 15 min late for your appointment it will be cancelled and will lose your non-refundable booking fee.​​



  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, if you are more than 15 min late for your appointment it will be canceled and will lose your non-refundable booking fee.​​

  • ALL Booking fees, gift vouchers, and treatments, no exceptions are non-refundable.

  • Please come alone, please do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment.

  • No children, so please arrange childcare.



  • Please note if you are a new client, a face to face consultation must be carried out prior to booking. To confirm medical history as it's a prescription treatment. Please Book the consultation category. The consultation charge will come off on the day of treatment. 



PLEASE let me know If any on the list applies please contact me before booking! It’s important I’m aware of any risks! as I can refuse treatment, this will occur losing your booking fee.


  • Breast feeding 

  • Pregnant 

  • Medication (blood thinners)

  • Diabetes (not controlled)

  • Any allergies 

  • Auto immune 

  • Cold sores (only applies for lip fillers and Lip Bkush tattoo need) 

  • Other dermal fillers that have been done last 3 months or have any lumps.

  • No under 18’s

  • Any history of anaphylaxis shock 

  • Bloodborne diseases such as HIV/hepatitis/AIDS

  • Any reaction to previous bee or wasp sting

  • Haemophilia

  • Are on Antibiotics need to be off them 2 weeks before having any treatment

  • Keloid scarring (only applies for semi-permanent makeup)

  • vitiligo

  • Haem

  • Previous semi-permanent makeup (PLEASE DO NOT BOOK as I don't do other people's work)

  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy