4 Areas of Botox

*A face-to-face consultation must be booked if you are a new client.

  • 30 minutes
  • 300 British pounds
  • Wishart Gardens

Service Description

*Please note if you are a new client, a face to face consultation must be carried out prior to booking. *PLEASE NOTE: PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. What does this treatment do? This treatment helps reduce any fine lines & wrinkles on the upper area of your face. Areas include : Crows Feet, In between Brows, Forehead and Bunny Lines   These fine lines & wrinkles tend to make a more visible appearance as you get older, but other factors  that can increase the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles can be down to lifestyle factors or too much sun exposure. To reduce these fine lines & wrinkles we will preform a non invasive, non surgical treatment; we inject into the fine lines & wrinkles which blocks the signals from the nerves which are contracting these muscles when we concentrate, squint, smile or frown. By injecting into the muscles we are temporarily paralysing the muscles contracting which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. This treatment can also improve the overall appearance of your face and reduces the signs of ageing. * There is no downtime after this treatment. * Treatment can last between 3-6 months. * Recommended review 2 weeks after initial treatment, then treatment every 3-4 months. * Treatment can take up to 2 weeks to see any effects. * You must attend a Face to Face Appointment before your 1st Treatment for new clients. 10 minute consultation to go over all medical history, personal information to confirm if you are suitable for the treatment and consultation form to be sent off to a medical prescriber. Your consultation fee will come off for at your appointment. * There is a £70 booking fee required to book into treatment to secure. (Only refundable if you are not suitable for the treatment) What can stop me from having this Treatment? Reasons why you CANNOT have the treatment : * Pregnant or Breastfeeding * Under the age of 18 * Allergy to this treatment before * Suffering from Skin Infections in the area(s) being treated. * Taking medications which affect bleeding e.g aspirin. * Certain Medications  * Suffer with Neo muscular/ Neological issues. If you are over 60 and on medication you will need to get GP's consent before having this treatment.  

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